Social Performance Management


Most microenterprise development organizations have a social mission of helping the poor to help themselves. Measurement of the performance of these organizations in achieving their social goals is fundamental for proving and improving effectiveness. The measurement of social performance can include the use of existing data already being collected from clients, monitoring information, or the use of tool to collect additional information related to social performance.

IDEAS offers training and technical assistance to help organizations define their social objectives more clearly, collect data to measure how well they are reaching these objectives, and then use this information to improve products and services. The goal is to maximize their effectiveness in helping their clients. Many of the components of Social Performance Management (SPM) were developed from earlier work on Client Assessment that IDEAS has been an integral part of since 1997.

IDEAS is one of the key organization that form part of the Social Performance Training Consortium of ImpAct. Over the last few years, we have helped to develop training materials and courses. Our Research Director, Dr. Gaamaa Hishigsuren, co-taught the first course of this type (June 2005) with Anton Simanowitz, Coordinator of Imp-Act. For more information on SPM and the Consortium, see IDEAS began teaching Social Performance Management to networks of microfinance institutions in 2005 with a workshop for members of SANABEL, the microfinance network of Arab countries. We are available to teach this important set of tools to other networks and institutions. IDEAS is a member of the Social Performance Task Force that was brought together in 2005 by the Ford Foundation and the Arguidius Foundation to agree on a common social performance framework and action plan.