Market Research


IDEAS provides training and technical assistance in the application of 18 market research tools designed by MicroSave. The IDEAS team also is teaching other toolkits by MicroSave. These tools are currently being used successfully by MFIs and banks in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, and enjoy prestige and acceptance by international donors and other organizations. These tools are used for :

  • Identifying the needs and opinions of clients of microfinance programs;
  • Learning how your institution is doing in relation to similar institutions;
  • Redesigning your products and services on the basis of the perceived needs of actual and potential clients;
  • Designing new product prototypes.


Our IDEAS Team teaches the 7 steps in the diagram above so that you can learn how to develop your own market research. The IDEAS team has conducted market research in Uganda, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Mexico, and Jamaica. After the field research and analysis, the microfinance institutions and other organizations changed their products and services based on the findings and recommendations. IDEAS has had a variety of contracts in market research, including those with MicroSave, Microfinance Opportunities, Catholic Relief Services, World Vision International, FINCA International, and national networks (like COPEME, ASOMIF, PRODESARROLLO) and national MFIs.  Tools are available to certified trainers in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.  Download here a Powerpoint presentation explaining the MicroSave tools.