Toolkits IDEAS uses


IDEAS is an internationally recognized expert in teaching useful tools to practitioners

IDEAS was a lead trainer worldwide for the AIMS-SEEP impact assessment toolkit, which is composed of three qualitative tools and two surveys. This took place during the USAID AIMS (Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services) Project. IDEAS was part of the SEEP team that created the tools and wrote much of the documentation in the 2001 Manual. IDEAS team members Carter Garber and Brian Beard served as the Associate Editor and Copy Editor, respectively, for the 2001 Manual.

IDEAS coordinated the first implementation of the AIMS-SEEP tools in Latin America, Asia, and Africa and has provided several trainings and courses on the tools in those same regions as well as in North America.

IDEAS was contracted by MicroSave to bring the Market Research for Microfinance toolkit to Latin America. IDEAS taught the use of the toolkit and accompanied many people through the certification process in Spanish. As of 2005, IDEAS had trained 85% of all the persons certified in Latin America.

IDEAS also teaches MicroSave’s Product Development Tools in Spanish and English.

IDEAS is a leading trainer for the Poverty Assessment Tool certified by USAID.  This tool is used for reporting to the Office of Microenterprise Development of USAID and the MicroCredit Summit.

IDEAS has used the CGAP Network tool to evaluate networks, and some of IDEAS’ Associate Consultants use the CGAP tools with MFIs.

IDEAS has taught MFIs to measure their institution with the MAGI tool (developed by Catholic Relief Services) in French, Spanish and English.

IDEAS piloted the Social Performance Management course in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Latin America. IDEAS was one of two lead agencies in Latin American and Caribbean for the SPM Imp-Act Consortium. IDEAS taught the trainers of Project Mission of ASOMIF and CRS in 2007 to use and apply the SPM toolkit. IDEAS has continued to use the tools with various clients.

IDEAS has taught and used the Balance Scorecard and other management tools in both Spanish and English.

IDEAS teaches a number of Strategic Planning tools to assist MFIs and other economic development institutions.