Our Team


By choice, three-fourths of IDEAS Team Members are citizens of developing countries. Most are women. One of IDEAS’ prime objectives is to build additional capacity of these skilled persons in training and technical assistance. This means that IDEAS provides clients with consultants who are native to the region, speak the language, know the culture and issues, and are up-to-date with economic development in the region where they work. In addition to these advantages, IDEAS can provide clients with better pricing over consulting firms that rely on citizens of industrialized countries who require more expensive airfares, hotels, and daily fees. Clients receive more for their money with IDEAS consultants.

The International Advisory Board of IDEAS is a group of accomplished individuals who are working tirelessly for the just, equitable and sustainable development of poor and marginalized people. Women and men, representing the global South and global North, serve on the International Advisory Board (IAB). Most of our Advisors have worked closely with IDEAS on projects so are in a good position to both evaluate and recommend. True to its name, the IAB provides advice to the IDEAS team to strengthen and diversify its core competencies and services, explore innovative opportunities, and expand its client base. We continue to add members to the IAB, whose guidance facilitates the growth of IDEAS into a global leader in offering training and technical support around the world. The Board of Directors ensures that IDEAS remains faithful to its mission of contributing to the sustainable economic development of poor and moderate-income persons, the majority of whom are women living in developing nations. Half of the board members are from developing countries, and half are women.