Our Partners


IDEAS works in partnership with many organizations in solving the complex problems faced by poor people around the world. Our clients include individual microfinance institutions (MFIs), national networks of MFIs, foundations, socially responsible lenders and other organizations that support MFIs. Clients also include for-profit entities doing lending and international development, local and national nongovernmental organizations, and universities. Our funding partners include not only organizations that support MFIs through loans or grants to support their operations but also individuals, foundations and others that directly support IDEAS. 75% of the funding for IDEAS’ work comes from fees for services. The 25% that comes from donations is crucially important in the development of new projects and opening new offices in developing countries, and in training indigenous people, particularly women, to become professionals in the field of microfinance. Our Institutional Partners are other agencies whose economic development mission is similar to that of IDEAS. By working together we build a more effective alliance that expands the services we offer and draw on the expertise each has in particular parts of the world. We are members of networks and organizations that allow us to teach and learn from other organizations that share our vision of a better future for people around the world.



National associations of microfinance institutions

Large Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) based in USA or global north

Donors and financial institutions lending to micro-finance institutions

For profit entities interested in & promoting international development

Local or national level NGOs and national microfinance institutions

University programs at the graduate level

SEEP Network (members in USA & Canada) CARE USA Calvert Foundation Progressive Asset Management Sinapi Aba Trust of Ghana (Opportunity International affiliate) Southern New Hampshire University
ASOMIF of Nicaragua Catholic Relief Services Partners for the Common Good Mangement Services International & CARANA Fundación 4i2000 (World Vision affiliate in Nicaragua) American U. School of Internat Studies
ALPIMED of El Salvador Katalysis & its affiliates in four countries of Central Am. Oikocredit (Ecumenical Dev. Coop. Society) – Netherlands LFS Financial Systems GmbH of Germany AGAPE of Columbia (Opportunity affiliate) U. of Miam North-South Center
COPEME of Peru OXFAM International and its affiliates NOVIB of Netherlands INFORED of El Salvador FUNDEA of Guatemala & FADEMYPE of El Salvador (ACT of Belgium affiliates) Tulane U & Union Institute & University
PHILNET of Philippines MEDA of Canada UNCDF/SUM Enlace of El Salvador PRESTANIC of Nicaragua Universidad Don Bosco
COVELO of Honduras Freedom from Hunger Puerto Rico Com. Fnd. City of Kingston Credit Union AGAPE of Columbia (Opportunity Int.) Universidad Americana – Nicaragua
FINCA COPEME University of Mongolia
World Vision ASA (India) University of Maryland


Below is a partial list of IDEAS’ recent clients, grouped by the kinds of services provided for them.

Training and market research on Micro-enterprise services Impact Evaluation of Micro-enterprise services Institutional Development Consulting on Private Capital for Microcredit Graduate Level Teaching and Practitioner Training
COMISAL (Honduras) CARD (Philippines) World Vision International CARE USA IRIS, the Institute for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector, University of Maryland
Prodesarrollo (Mexico) AGUDESA (Guatamala) World Vision USA Calvert Foundation Payson Center for International Development and Technology Transfer, Tulane University
COPEME (Peru) APED (Ghana) Katalysis Partnership University of the North, Polokwane, Limpopo Province, South Africa
Catholic Relief Services; Learning Center ( Latin America) Ethiopian Assoc. of Microfinance Institutions FINCA (Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe) School for Community Economic Development of Southern New Hampshire University
ASOMIF (Nicaragua) World Vision in East and West Africa CARE-SEAD (Philippines) FAO ( Italy): Develop course on Rural Finance
City of Kingston ( Jamaica) Credit Union Sinapi Aba Trust and Opportunity International ( Ghana) FINCA (Latin America & Caribbean) Microfinance Management Institute, University of Mongolia
SEEP network COVELO ( Honduras) World Bank-IFC ( Mali) United Nations Development Program ( Mongolia)
Save the Children (Guatamala & US) FUNDEA-FADEMYPE (Guatamala)
FONDO Empressarial (Guatamala) COPEME-SEEP-AIM ( South America)
Fundacion 4i-2000-ADIM ( Nicaragua)
ASCI (Etheopia)
ASA (India)