Microfranchising Consulting


IDEAS’ Consultancy Services for Microfranchising The Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance & Solutions (IDEAS), which has three and a half decades of work in community economic development on four continents, is a leader in social entrepreneurship. Now IDEAS is offering microfranchise consultancy services. Our experiences and successes in microfinance and microenterprise development have fostered a strong interest in helping to introduce microfranchising in Latin America. For more than 20 years, as IDEAS has evaluated the impact of microfinance, performed market research and participated in social performance evaluations, we have grown increasingly concerned about the lethargic growth of microentrepreneurs and the relatively small percentage of microenterprises that graduate into successful small businesses. We believe that microfranchising offers a more effective method of enterprise development that can overcome barriers in start-up and, in combination with proven strategies, can offer a more comprehensive solution to help microentrepreneurs rapidly grow their own businesses.

Some of the recent activities by IDEAS in promoting microfranchising include:

  • A course at the American University in Nicaragua (UAM) as a part of the Masters in Microfinance
  • A presentation at the Regional Conference on MFIs in Central America (REDCAMIF Network)
  • Extensive research terminating in a 100-page study on the Potential for Microfranchising in Nicaragua. Done for UAM and the Chamber of Commerce, paid for by Inter-American Development Bank FOMIN
  • Conference and a workshop for the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE) in El Salvador. Ongoing advice leading to a program.
  • Research in Guatemala with members of REDIMIF
  • A seminar at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina in the US
  • A graduate level course at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA in the US each year (2012; 2013; 2014)