We need your help to expand our services

IDEAS needs donations to train and support people in developing countries to provide assistance to their own people. We often start with people who live in rural areas and train them rather than bring highly educated persons from the capital city. We find that by training people who have a high school degree that they have more commitment to stay living in rural areas as they develop their skill levels with IDEAS.

In order to develop the skills of young professionals and expand our services to new areas, we ask people who care about sustainable development to donate to IDEAS. Helping young people, especially women, acquire the skills and experience they need in order to become recognized experts in the field helps ensures that microfinance and microenterprise institutions will be responsive to the needs of their most important clients – poor women in developing countries.


IDEAS is partially self-sustaining. It does not depend upon donations and grants alone as it sells its services of training and consulting. But in order to continually train new consultants, we require subsidy until they gain sufficient experience to function more fully.

Will you support this exciting work?

  • $1200 pays the majority of the costs of IDEAS work in northern Nicaragua for a month.
  • $925 will provide a consultant to work with a NGO to help develop a new microfranchise. (We are called upon as we developed the first microfranchise in Nicaragua.)
  • $775 pas for a senior associate consultant to help locate consulting work and do on-the-job capacity building for women trainers and consultants while they are consulting for a NGO or coop in Central America.
  • $650 pays the flight of our Executive Director to go work with our Nicaraguan team for a month each trip
  • $500 pays the registration fee for one of our young consultants to attend a 5-day national or international training institute that will advance their skills and reputation.
  • $300 provides assistance to one of the young people that we are training to learn how to write proposals to help support new consultants who are teaching women and youth
  • $250 pays for a month of one of the young women that we are sending to university to become professionals so as to later earn money to support their low income families. These women are from low income families that are providing community leadership but cannot afford to send their youth to higher education.
  • $225 pays for the supplies for one of our offices for a quarter of the year.
  • $100 will provide supplies for a training event in Central America.
  • $30 for hotel and food for a day in rural Nicaragua for an IDEAS consultant to help an organization or cooperative

IDEAS is a nonprofit organization that is tax exempt in the United States. Contributions may be tax deductible to the full extent of the US law.

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IDEAS, 1702 Dancing Fox Rd., Decatur, GA 30032 USA

Donate Your Used Computer and Office Equipment to our Nicaraguan offices:

If you would like to donate your used but still functional equipment to IDEA, we can provide you with an US tax-deduction letter. Donated equipment must be in good operating condition. Contact for details.