Designing professional training & academic institutes


IDEAS has designed training institutes composed of a series of courses

In addition to IDEAS team being excellent trainers and professors, IDEAS has become know as the designer of academic or professional training institutes involving multiple courses over a several week period.

IDEAS created the Microenterprise & Development Institute (MDI) in 1998 to increase skills level of practitioners in financial systems and business development services. The curriculum focused on the practical skills microfinance practitioners need for successful program implementation. One of the things that distinguishes the IDEAS design from that of other training institutes is that MDI participants had the option of earning Academic Credit through Southern New Hampshire University.

Each June for 11 years, the Microenterprise Development Institute at Southern New Hampshire University brought about 85 leaders in microfinance from around the world to take three weeks of courses in specialized areas of microfinance and business development services. Dr. Garber was the chair of the Advisory Board and others IDEAS members, Dr. Puneetha Palakurthi and Gaamaa Hishigsuren, served on the Board and taught in the Institute.

IDEAS was an Institute sponsor and assisted in the formation of a similar training in Africa called the Microenterprise and Development Certificate Program. IDEAS team members, like Dr. Garber and Dr. Hishigsuren, taught at MDC in South Africa for several years. This program is now called the Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Program and is run by the the Carsay Institute at the University of New Hampshire. For more information, see

IDEAS also assisted with the design  of an institute for the Arab World in a contract with the Sanabel Network. We worked on this project with MicroServe, a team of Arab consultants in microfinance.