El Salvador Program To Learn Global Community Development Skills In Summer 2017


Welcome to the home page on Learning Global Community Development Skills through classroom and field work in El Salvador in July 2017

Program Information

For the program brochure in English, please click here:

Or download here: Educational Program brochure for academic & field work course in El Salvador in July – (Ver.5-3-17)

The bios of the professors running the program

To read more, please click here: Staff Bios for Strengthening Capabilities in Global Community Development

Program and Sponsors

IDEAS is offering this program in coordination with the UCA in San Salvador, El Salvador http://www.uca.edu.sv/

To develop the details of this program, we have been working closely with the UCA’s department that teaches the Maestría de Desarrollo Territorial ( In english: Master of Territorial Development)  http://www.uca.edu.sv/mdt/

Spanish and Language Preparation

In the last half of June, we offer an optional intensive Spanish courses for those who feel they need additional instruction before doing field work in an all Spanish speaking environment.  We are working closely with the Language Center of the UCA to design a program tailored to assist the students who will do field work in the main program in July. There is a separate fee for students who choose this option.

Please consider taking three one-credit courses in Atlanta, Georgia

Also in early August, we will be offering three one-credit courses in Atlanta, Georgia. Each course is two intensive 8 hour days. Students who cannot attend the El Salvador program, as well as those who do, are welcome in these courses designed for upper level undergraduates and graduate students.

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(734) 417-2033


Where will you do your skills learning in communities?

*Click the maps for details.

Suchitoto is a town and rural areas where half of the students will be doing field research in order to learn community development skills.

The other half of the students will do field work in the rural communities of Chalatenango. For more information on each of these communities, please see here: http://www.ideasnet.org/academic-courses/-el-salvador-communities/ 

Application and more info.

For the application form, please download here. Application Information (Ver.5-5-17)

For more information on what to expect in terms of food, accommodations, safety, health care and what to bring please download the document from here. El Salvador Travel Information