Communities To Do Field Work In El Salvador In July 2017


One of the areas where half of the students will be doing field research is: Suchitoto, El Salvador.


Located 50 kilometers northeast of the capital city of San Salvador, wondrous little ‘Suchi’ is the cultural capital of the country. Every weekend the cobbled streets come alive for an arts and food festival in a grand celebration of pride. It is presumed that Yaqui and Pipil peoples settled in the area some 1000 years ago. El Salvador’s capital was established near here in the early 16th century.

Architecture buffs will love the colonial buildings and the while outdoor types can choose between numerous hikes to waterfalls, caves and beautiful Lago Suchitlán that begin and end just meters from town. Suchitoto is also a bird migration zone with over 200 species. Thousands of hawks and falcons fill the skies as the seasons change, and birds of all sorts nest.

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Please read more info. here: Suchitoto, El Salvador detailed information

A second area where half the students will be doing field research is: Chalatenango, El Salvador.


Chalatenango is a rural municipality in the northern portion of El Salvador that borders Honduras, with roughly 40,000 residents spread across roughly 150 square kilometers. Salvadorans call this region the Nor Oriente, or northeast El Salvador. Students who are placed in this region may have the opportunity to work in 4 local municipalities on a variety of development projects.

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‘Chalate’ is the capital of the mountainous Chalatenango province in the country’s north. There’s a lovely daily rhythm here, as the narrow streets fill with farm trucks laden with fruit, sugarcane, indigo and coffee en route to the morning market on Calle San Martín, where you might just meet a cowboy. Colorful buses are stacked with friendly locals selling DVDs, toiletries and glittery sequined dresses; locals will strike up conversation in no time.

It’s a pleasant place to walk around as you catch glimpses of the spectacular La Peña mountains and the Cerro Verde further west, both likely destinations if you’ve made it this far. Another popular day trip is to Lago de Suchitlan to the east.

Please read more info. on Chalatenango and 4 communities here:  Chalantenango, El Salvador detailed information

Spanish and Language Preparation

In the last half of June, we offer an optional intensive Spanish courses for those who feel they need additional instruction before doing field work in an all Spanish speaking environment.  We are working closely with the Language Center of the UCA to design a program tailored to assist the students who will do field work in the main program in July. There is a separate fee for students who choose this option.

Please consider taking three one-credit courses in Atlanta, Georgia

Also in early August, we will be offering three one-credit courses in Atlanta, Georgia. Each course is two intensive 8 hour days. Students who cannot attend the El Salvador program, as well as those who do, are welcome in these courses designed for upper level undergraduates and graduate students.

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