Vision, Mission and Values


Mission: IDEAS facilitates resource-poor women and their families to develop economically and improve their quality of life. We do this by delivering high-quality training, technical assistance and entrepreneurial innovations to strengthen organizations, social enterprises and cooperatives, which provide microfinance, microfranchise and microenterprise services to reduce poverty in developing countries.

Vision: IDEAS is the successful, entrepreneurial innovator and institutional capacity-builder, which provides vital services for sustainable community economic development in developing countries to assist resource-poor women and their families to create a future without poverty.

Our values guide us in realizing this vision:

  • Mutual Respect : Through our practice of involving practitioners and learners, IDEAS sets a high standard of mutual respect, understanding and caring so that we serve as a model.
  • Gender Equity : We particularly focus on the empowerment of women to ensure that women receive equal and equitable distribution of resources and returns on investments.
  • Diversity and Inclusion : We work for an appreciation of diversity, policies of inclusion, and an end to discrimination.
  • Innovation : We develop new tools, services, and curriculum.
  • Socioeconomic and Institutional Change : We work for positive institutional change to increase socioeconomic impact.
  • Practitioner focus : We invest in building the capacity of practitioners to help them develop responsive and sustainable solutions to the development challenges of their clientele.
  • Participatory : Our work is done through the use of volunteers or practitioners from the organizations and countries that are benefiting and wherever possible we use participatory evaluation techniques.
  • Knowledge and Resource Sharing : We are committed to sharing knowledge, skills and resources with other practitioners and team members in order to help them become self-reliant. We are committed to working in solidarity with others and accompanying them as they learn.
  • Self-Reliant and Self-sustaining : We strive to create institutions which are self reliant and sustainable.
  • Partnership and Strategic Alliances : We believe that the eradication of poverty requires multi-pronged approaches . We therefore practice collaboration by forming strategic alliances and partnerships..
  • High quality and high impact services : We are committed to providing services that make a real and substantial improvements in the delivery of microfinance and microenterprise.
  • Accountability and Open Communications : We are committed to being accountable to donors, clients, our team and our mission. Therefore, we strive to keep others abreast of new developments and our own concerns.
  • Mentoring and Team Building : Our practice is done in a way so as to mentor persons from developing countries and to build the overall team of IDEAS worldwide.
  • Social Responsibility : We promote socially responsible use of resources, including investment.