Our Offices


International Program & Support Office

1702 Dancing Fox Road, Decatur, GA 30032 USA

Phone: (1)-404-378-7544    Fax: (1)-404-378-9322

Coordinator: Dr. Carter Garber    cgarber@ideasnet.org

Countries covered: Anywhere in the world


  • All consulting, technical assistance and training services shown on this website
  • Coordination of Associate Consultants
  • Central program coordination and institutional development
  • Central administrative coordination, including budgeting, bookkeeping and resource development
  • Developing clients for this office and others
  • Delivering services, especially for socially responsible investment, rural finance, impact evaluation, market research, poverty assessment tools, and others.
  • Relations with Board of Directors and International Advisory Board
  • Public relations, including updating web site and brochures

Office for Latin America & Caribbean

Managua, Nicaragua

Phones: 505 2233-5301 or Cell: 505 8985-7343

Representative: Gabriel Gaitan   gabrielgaitana@gmail.com

Countries covered: Latin America and Caribbean


  • Provides a wide variety of the training, consultancy services and evaluation services on this website
  • Strategic Planning & Balanced Scorecard
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Market Research & Product Development
  • Poverty Assessment Tools
  • Initiating and coordinating specific projects

Office for TecAp: the Microfranchise and Appropriate Technologies

Esteli, Nicaragua

Cell phone: 505-8643-1480

Technical Coordinator: Hermogenes Zelaya   hermogenes@ideasnet.org

Countries covered: Nicaragua

Website for this program of IDEAS: www.tecap.info


  • Microfranchise and its women microfranchisees (poor women who are distributing solar power products)
  • Solar and other renewable energies
  • Appropriate Tecnologies
  • Youth Training