Capacity Statement (Consultancies & Clients)


IDEAS, with its U.S. headquarters in metro Atlanta, Georgia, has a regional office in Latin America. Working with a philosophy of helping people to help themselves, IDEAS has a network of associate consultants in many developing countries. IDEAS assists these professionals to enhance their skills to better serve their clients and communities. We are celebrating over 35 years in the service of the poor and over two and a half decades of working internationally in this rewarding field.

IDEAS’ technical capacity is in the following areas:
  1. Impact evaluation and monitoring, client satisfaction and social performance monitoring for microfinance institutions.
  2. Institutional evaluation of microfinance, microenterprise development, and non-profit and for-profit institutions. Assistance in the transformation of microfinance institutions.
  3. Poverty assessment and assistance in reaching the poorer of the poor.
  4. Technical assistance to promote commercially viable business development services to address the sub-sector and business constraints.
  5. Market research into what entrepreneurs need and want in terms of products and services, for use in refining an existing product or designing a new one.
  6. Product development from the initial concept through the development of a prototype and pilot testing, supporting institutions interested in innovation.
  7. Due diligence, feasibility studies, and the development of Socially Responsible Investment Funds oriented to microfinance institutions or those involved in fair trade.
IDEAS delivery mechanisms include:
  • Consultancy services, evaluations, and monitoring
  • Training and educational workshops for professionals, from 3 hours to 3 weeks, using participatory learning for action approach.
  • Curriculum design and development of microfinance management courses for graduate credit at universities.
  • Technical assistance on site or by email and telephone.
  • Institutional evaluation, done for the institution itself or for donors.
  • Capacity building: training of trainers and supervision of fieldwork opportunities for younger consultants to develop their skills.
  • Development of how-to manuals, proposals, strategic and business planning, & case studies.
  • Information dissemination through our electronic newsletter and website, as well as in training workshops
IDEAS Capacity Statement

Our Capacity Statement has a sample of our previous consulting work with clients around the world (click here to view):

  1. Assessments and Trainings on Impact Evaluation & Monitoring
  2. Social Performance Management of Microfinance Services
  3. Poverty Assessment Tools Training and Implementations
  4. Market Research for Microfinance, Enterprise Development and Housing Finance.
  5. Microfinance Institutional Development Evaluations & Strategic Planning
  6. Consulting on Channeling Private Capital for Microfinance and Fair Trade
  7. Training for Practitioners on Market Research & Product Development of Microfinance & Microenterprise Services
  8. Teaching Microfinance and Microenterprise Development at the Graduate Level in Universities