Welcome to the IDEAS Website

IDEAS exists to help resource-poor people around the world get the tools and skills they need to build secure and sustainable futures for themselves, their families and their communities. We do this by helping to improve the organizations that provide microfinance or economic  development services. These include NGOs, microfinance institutions, MFI networks, social enterprises, for-profits, development organizations, and other socially responsible institutions. To learn more about IDEAS, review the About Us section.

We provide a variety of consulting services, including market research, strategic planning, rural finance, business development, and institutional development.

We offer microfranchising development training and consulting. We started the first microfranchise in Nicaragua, TecAp. You may learn more details on our specialized website, www.tecap.info.

We provide a variety of training services including designing and delivering specialized graduate courses. We have taught in universities and to practitioners in English and Spanish.

To learn more about who is doing this important work, see our core team, associates and board.

We do all this work for our clients and partners. While we earn most of our income from consulting and training, our donors are key as we innovate.